Ami ~ Love is Everywhere Tote

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 Spread the LOVE! Let’s face it; there are some things we just can't live without... food, water, love and a large “throw it all in” kinda tote.  This is great for those running around type of days or a throw it in the bag gym tote. Great for a day at the beach or just a day out, Ami is a versatile must-have.  

Best of all its PVC! Spilled something inside? Putting it on the floor? No issues, just wipe it clean!

Versatile and Large ✅, Easy to Clean ✅, Super Cute ✅✅
  • The minimalist chic appearance makes it a work-ready and your go to casual pick, convenient and comfortable.
  • Pair perfectly with casual outfits or brunch attire.
  • Drawstring removal privacy liner included.



  • ❤️ Work Tote
  • ❤️ Daily Tote
  • ❤️ Weekend Tote
  • ❤️ Travel Tote
  • ❤️ Shopping Tote
  • ❤️ Summer Tote
  • ❤️ Beach Tote
  • ❤️ Whatever Tote


Large size allows you to bring along just about anything you need while the 2 side pockets give you quick access to smaller essentials you don't want to dig for.

14.75” Length x 12” Height x 5” Width 


Shoulder Strap Length: 11.4”

Material: PVC

Lining Material: Polyester

Straps: PU Leather

Note: There is a maybe a slight odor from the PVC, allow the bag to air out and the odor will dissipate.

This product arrives in 2-3 weeks.

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