Kelli ~ Concert, Stadium Ready Transparent Shoulder Bag

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You’re all excited to get to the game or concert... You got your A game on, you put together the perfect outfit, bag and shoes on point. You’re already turning heads and its only been from the Uber to the Security Check.  It’s gonna be a good night... ummmm wait your at security and this knucklehead is ruining your life, telling you, "Sweetheart you're not going in because you can’t rock your bag". They don’t understand it ties in your whole look or that your whole life is in there... AS IF! Their solution is a ziplock bag. How embarrassing...

Don’t be that chick.  Kelli will have you prepared, right size, right amount of cool, she’s versatile in her styling and best of all she’s clear, she matches with EVERYTHING. You're ready to have one of those best nights EVER.

More and more events and facilities require security-friendly bags, but that doesn't mean you have to look like you've got a ziplock bag as a purse. With this designer-inspired security-friendly bag, you can zip through the checkpoint without having to pour out your entire bag and get to where you're going faster.

With enough room to easily accommodate an iPad, you can rest assured you'll be able to bring along whatever you need.

Kelli has a removable shoulder strap, top handle and a look that easily fits in with your designer bags that aren't as ideal for a security check. 

NFL stadium and PGA tour approved and perfect for secured events and facilities.


  • Material: PVC
  • Closure: Twist Clasp
  • 9.8” Length x  7.5” Height x 4.3” Width

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