Hello, world.

This is our first blog post. The site isn't even up yet, I've just loaded a bunch of items that Ami will likely veto. She'll also hate the "design" work I've tried to do, but that's what she gets for not watching what I was doing. She should know better.

Who is "she", and who are we? We are Ami (pronounced like yummy) and Casey (pronounced like... K-C). We're currently engaged and looking to expand Ami's business via our own website. Ami is a pharmacist by day and has been exploring her passion for fashion and business in her free time. I've been an entrepreneur since my early 20s and currently own a local meal plan service. We decided we wanted to share our finds with the world.

We've been combing through items for over a year, and I feel like we have a great selection with which to launch, but I know we'll be adding things constantly. We both enjoy reviewing and supporting businesses, especially local or up and coming, so it feels so natural to share products we feel strongly about.

In the process of selecting items and a tone/theme for our store, we decided it'd be interesting to settle some of our arguments by keeping track of who picked which items... Oh... We're also both Scorpios... so... no competition issues or anything...

Welp, we've got a hurricane headed our way and I want to make some progress before we lose power, so I'll conclude our first entry with an invitation to reach out and share your suggestions or to just say "hey".